Three years of research and development later, we’re proud to present to you FarmBot Genesis v1.2

Aluminum Extrusions

These black anodized beams serve as both the primary structural element of FarmBot and its linear guide system, allowing precise movements in the X, Y, and Z directions.

“I wasn’t expecting the extrusions to be black, but man they look incredible!”


1st production run backer

View tech specs of the aluminum extrusions on our documentation hub.

Plates and Brackets

Our v1.2 plates and brackets are stamped and machined out of high grade aluminum alloys. Then they are tumble polished to remove burrs, sandblasted to remove surface defects, and anodized to achieve a premium quality aesthetic and feel.

“They don’t only look good. They feel really solid, like they will last a century.”

Tim Evers

FarmBot Core Contributor

View tech specs of the plates and brackets on our documentation hub.

Motors, Electronics, and Wiring

An Arduino MEGA and four NEMA 17 stepper motors with rotary encoders power FarmBot’s movements, while the Raspberry Pi 3 serves as the web-connected brain.

“It was important for us to integrate rotary encoders into the FarmBot design so that its movements are reliable, even in an unpredictable garden environment.”

Rory Aronson

Founder of The FarmBot Project

View tech specs of the motors and electronics on our documentation hub.

Plastic Parts

The v1.2 plastic components have been injection molded with ABS or precision machined from Delrin. They are both tough and able to withstand UV rays.

“We plan to injection mold more components in future versions of FarmBot Genesis to help bring the cost of the kit down.”

Rory Aronson

Founder of The FarmBot Project

View tech specs of the plastic parts on our documentation hub.

Fasteners and Hardware

All fasteners are made of stainless steel, allowing them to stand up to the outdoor environment without rusting or corroding.

“In addition to what is required for assembly, we include extra fasteners with every kit so that you are prepared to modify and expand upon your FarmBot’s abilities right out of the box.”

Rory Aronson

Founder of The FarmBot Project

View tech specs of the fasteners and hardware on our documentation hub.

The FarmBot Warehouse

Watch this short film to get an inside look at what it takes to package up a FarmBot

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