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What's included in the pre-order kits?
All of the hardware you see in the video except the raised bed, garden hose, and solar panels. You'll need to provide a garden hose and extension cord of the appropriate length to connect your FarmBot to grid power and municipal water. For the specifics, see the Tech Specs section above.

FarmBot is open-source, so how is it also for sale?
Being open-source means that all of the source files (CAD models, step-by-step assembly instructions, software, etc) are completely free so you can build and operate a FarmBot on your own – without our company. You can see and download all of these resources on our documentation hub.

At the same time, being open-source also allows anyone to sell a compiled version of FarmBot such as a complete kit or hosted software.

In fact, this is really important to do because it gives people options. The truth is that its a lot of work to purchase all of the components from around the Internet yourself, and there wouldn’t be any guarantee that they work with each other. Its also technically challenging to host and maintain the web app software on your own server.

Whereas if you buy a kit, you’ll save a lot of time and get a complete product that is guaranteed to work and backed by our company. Then you get to play with designing new tools and figuring out new ways of using FarmBot, rather than struggling just to get it to work.

Long story short, being open-source and also for sale are not mutually exclusive.

So why should I pre-order a kit?
By pre-ordering a FarmBot kit you are pioneering this new technology with us. You are joining a small but growing team of people from across the globe who believe that the future of food is open, distributed, and owned by the end-eaters.

Additionally, you are supporting our company and the continuation of our work. To date, FarmBot has been a $200,000+ project over three years. This money has come from private foundations and individual contributions to pay for prototyping materials, tools, and our time. This project would not exist without this investment and it will largely stagnate if there are not dedicated people working full-time on the technology. Purchasing a kit from our company allows us to continue openly researching and developing this technology for everyone. We like to say that an investment in us is an investment in humanity.

Do you ship international?
Yes! We can ship anywhere in the world. Shipping to the United States is $75. International shipping is $250.

When will I get my kit?

All FarmBots pre-ordered before Jan 7 will be shipped in February, 2017. All pre-orders placed after Jan 7 will be shipped in July, 2017. If there is any delay in the production then we will let you know right away.

Can I extend the tracks or make the gantry wider/taller?
Yes! And we encourage this. While the current kits are designed to be 1.5m wide and 3m in length, there is no reason why you cannot (with additional hardware) make your gantry taller or wider, and your tracks longer. We expect to offer add-on extensions in the future, as well as larger kits.

Can FarmBot be used to service multiple beds?
Not really. Moving FarmBot to another bed would require partial disassembly, reconnecting the power and water lines, and also a re-calibration. If you want FarmBot to tend to more plants at once you really need to have a larger device (longer tracks and/or wider gantry).

Can FarmBot do X?
Probably! While FarmBot has a limited set of things it can do right now, what we've built is a platform for you and anyone else to build upon. Want FarmBot to mist your plants? Or harvest? Or remove snails? Go ahead and design your own tools for that use case!

Do you have resellers in other countries?
At this time we do not. We are also not currently interested in partnering with resellers or doing affiliate sales.

Do you accept wire transfers, bank transfers, checks, or other forms of payment?

Unfortunately at this time we cannot accept other forms of payment beyond online debit/credit card charges.

Do you accept purchase orders?

At this time we can provide invoices, accept purchase orders, and provide receipts. However, your order must be paid for in-full with a credit/debit transaction through our website prior to us accepting your purchase order and providing receipt.

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