Production Update

About a month ago we wrapped up the final changes to the FarmBot hardware design, reviewed the final sample components, and gave the go-ahead to our partner factories and suppliers to produce 350 FarmBot kits. As of this writing we have ordered 97% of the components that will go into the final boxes and we hope to have the remaining few components on their way to us by the end of next week. So far we have not encountered any serious supply chain issues that will cause a delay in shipment, indicating that we’re on-track to send the first batch of FarmBots out towards the end of February! Check out the photos below of some of the production components:

The motor kits (above) include four custom laser engraved NEMA 17 stepper motors with pre-mounted rotary encoders and fully assembled wiring harnesses. The photos below show bulk quantities of extrusions, springs, v-wheels, spacers, and custom cardboard boxes.

Some of the plastic parts in the FarmBot Genesis kits will be injection molded out of gray plastic. The sample white Seed Bin pictured below was the first one to come out of the mold!

What’s Next

Once we receive all of the components at our headquarters in California, we will be assembling a few complete FarmBots to make sure everything goes together smoothly. If we find that anything needs to be changed, we will have a few weeks to order additional parts or make the required modifications. Then we will complete the final quality assurance checks for all the kits, pack everything up, and send them out the door! Note: Before we ship anything out, we will be in touch with all of our customers to ensure we have your correct shipping address.

We’re all sold out! (sort of)

About a week ago we pre-sold the last available FarmBot Genesis Kit as part of our first production run of 350. That means that any pre-orders placed now and into the future will be part of our second production run and ship later than February. We’re still working out the timeline for the second run, but a conservative ship date is in July. Pre-order your FarmBot.

2016 Wrapup

Now that 2016 has come to a close, we’re looking back on what we’ve accomplished over the last 12 months. In the beginning of the year FarmBot successfully grew over a dozen different vegetable crops. During this time we shot timelapse video of the whole process, eventually using it to make our launch video.

In July, we released our debut product to the world: FarmBot Genesis – humanity’s first open-source CNC farming machine. With the help of social media and news outlets, our video was shared and played over 100 million times across the Internet, driving over $1 million worth of FarmBot pre-orders.

Since then we grew from a part-time team of 3 to a full-time team of 6, and have been working hard to develop software features, make improvements to the hardware design, and ready everything for mass production.

Now we find ourselves already in January, overseeing production and getting ready to start shipping the first batch of kits next month.

Needless to say, it was a hallmark year for FarmBot, and we’re looking forward to furthering this technology together with you in 2017!

You can still pre-order a FarmBot!

Want to get in on the first batch of FarmBots set to ship in February? We only have about 10 kits left available for pre-order. If you don’t make the first batch, you’ll need to wait until our second production run. Pre-Order Your FarmBot today.

FarmBot Sales Map – December 4, 2016

Check out this updated FarmBot pre-orders map! Quite a bit more impressive than the first map we made back on July 18, huh? We really are a growing, global community, and we can’t wait to see how everyone uses their FarmBot come February! Want to see yourself on the map and help us pioneer the open food future? You can still pre-order a FarmBot, which will ship out with our first production batch in February.

FarmBot Sales Map - December 4, 2016

Announcing FarmBot v1.1

Over the last few months we’ve been hard at work further refining the FarmBot Genesis hardware design and readying it for mass production. This process has included visiting factories, making part modifications, exploring different manufacturing techniques, and ultimately building some v1.1 devices both big and small!


The process has been both challenging and eye opening. We’ve learned a lot about how to mass manufacture products vs just building single prototypes. And what’s most exciting is how the quality of the parts and the overall product is dramatically improving, while the cost to produce it is coming down.

What this means for you is that FarmBot is easier than ever to assemble, looks better, and will last longer. And for us it means we can dedicate more resources to our open-source research and development.

So without further ado, check out the v1.1 documentation and CAD files to see what’s new with FarmBot Genesis. And browse the gallery below for some of the highlights of v1.1, and the process of moving to mass production!













November 2016 Software Update

Since the last software update in October a lot of exciting things have happened here at FarmBot. First, we’ve expanded our team again! Welcome aboard Chris, we’re excited for you to join us as a frontend web developer! Chris has hit the ground running and started making improvements to the web app’s UI and adding new features. Just in the last month we now have:

Drag and drop sequence steps!


A unified login/create account/welcome page


A customizable Peripherals widget so you can easily augment FarmBot to control more devices such as LED lights, relays, pumps, or fans.


Other important software updates this month included:

  • Support for SSL throughout the entire software stack (thanks Rick!)
  • Regimens are now supported at the Raspberry Pi level (huge props to Connor for this one)
  • Sequence steps can have custom names
  • Sequences and Regimens can be copied